After a long, stressful week, I tend to look toward to participating in a little retail therapy. Like I’ve noted many times before, Stillwater doesn’t threaten me with many temptations. The true problem is the fact that online shopping is still available, and I continue to see all of my coupons come in through email. I even got a bonus at work this week, and the most obvious way I would love to spend that money is on clothing after several weeks without spending.

As I have pulled out some of my older clothes, I have found that I am getting quite a few compliments! I forgot that most of my clothes are completely new to anyone since I have moved to Oklahoma. Even if I am frustrated with my lack of new apparel, no one else will even notice that my clothes are old. The real work is trying to come up with new combinations and outfits with the new pieces I have obtained that are less seasonal. It’s a challenge, but I’m getting through it. Only a few more weeks!