The past week didn’t present any challenges to my detox habits at all.  I had a pretty busy week catching up on homework and preparing for my exams this week that I didn’t have time to think about shopping.  I think that my mindset has started to change in the sense that I really don’t think about shopping and when my friends do go shopping I don’t really have the need to go with them and buy millions of things.  I would definitely say that the detox has already had a very positive effect on me and it’s about halfway done.  I’m hoping by the time that the entire semester is over that I will not have one single inclination to buy clothes.  I have found that it is much easier for me to find new outfits to put together in my closet from clothes that I already own.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot up to this point in my detox.  Hoping to get a lot more out of this as well!