I’ve been so busy lately it seems like my life is a constant race.  This time of year seems to be filled with birthday celebrations, special events, and tons of school work.  It’s difficult to make sure I stay balanced between everything I have going on.  This past weekend was definitely one to remember with one of my best friends turning 21 and then having Alabama visit our campus to play us in football.

I’ve managed to stay so preoccupied that I haven’t even been tempted or faced with an opportunity to go shopping or acquire more apparel.  This strategy of staying busy has been very effective in deterring myself from shopping.

While tailgating at the game Saturday, I noticed the toes of my moccasins are beginning to come unraveled.  This is going to be a problem because I love wearing my moccasins in cold weather.  They’re becoming tattered and are beginning to have an unsightly look.  I’m going to try to stitch up the toes, but if I’m unsuccessful, I may have to resort to a new pair of warm, winter, shoes.

With the coming of the holiday season, I am faced with a difficulty.  Every year, I place a bulk order of hats from a California based company.  This line of hats is designed to compliment the electronic music movement and have become very popular amongst my group of friends.  In the past, my ordering of these hats has not only helped me to make money; it has also significantly contributed to my hat collection.  This year I plan to still place my annual order.  However, I will not be adding any hats to the list for my personal pleasure.