Who would have thought that a kind of challenge like this would be so… well challenging. I am riding the struggle bus this weekend. Not being able to shop for new fall clothes after this amazing weather is a killer! I usually am going out looking for cute new sweaters and boots… not this time. I have tried a new technique though when my friends/family want me to go shopping with them. When I walk into a store, I try to think about someone else the entire time. I try to act like I am shopping for someone a present. I think to myself, “oh she would love this!” or “That shirt is so not her style.” It has made it a little easier. Instead of thinking “I want that, or I need that.” It’s, “SHE would like that or SHE needs that.” Not to say this technique always works but it has relieved some of the temptation in the time being. We’re half way through this…. right…. It seems like a lifetime! I find myself being bitter when my sister calls me telling me something that she bought, or sending me a picture of herself in a cute outfit that she just got. I’m just like “really…” At least someone is getting to shop. Me, on the other hand: I’m having to wear my fall clothes that I had LAST fall. Which is absolutely no fun. I guess it’s challenging me to be creative with my wardrobe, but I miss the thrill of buying something new.

You would think that I am saving money, but it seems that I’m not really saving all that much. Or maybe I just don’t have much to spend in the first place. Who knows. Lately, I spend more money on food it seems. But I guess that is better than clothes. GOING STRONG.