The more fall and winter roll in the more I want to shop! How did I not notice that my clothes are at their life’s end? Then there is also Halloween coming up. Where is that costume at the far corner of my closet?? Well it no longer exists so now it’s time for the creative juices to flow out…okay harder than I thought.  I am officially feeling my inner shopper calling to be let out. I won’t even let myself enter a clothing store for the fear of breaking down and going shopping.

To solve my Halloween dilemma, I think I am going to either take the fabric I have laying around or going out and getting fabric to make a costume. It brings back the days when my mom used to make my costumes and it made them that much more special. I think it would help my creativity block and also lift my mood for not shopping.

Another week down and I am still keeping to the challenge and it is giving me a certain feel of satisfaction by keeping to the rules and not cheating. One task accomplished!