My weeks are seeming to fly by with the NFL in full effect and MLB playoffs going, I’ve hardly had time to think of buying new clothes outside of school work and socializing. Although I am in need of a new gold dress shirt for the Mizzou games now that were in the sec, it’s getting extremely tough to find ways to work with the one! My creativity may be going up but not as fast as I’d like it to I keep finding myself wearing the exact same thing for unknowingly the exact same classes multiple weeks in a row and embarrassing for it. I’m planning to make some very fruitful trips to goodwill and thrift stores soon once I scrounge up the money. I’m loving having something to feel like I have on my mind every morning I may even extend this project past the deadline, but we’ll see as these weeks go on. I’m not feeling flustered or nervous or worried that I can’t shop and I have an optimistic mind still! 

Till next Time!
fashiondetoxer signing off