Its officially fall now and I’m breaking out the boots from under my bed! I love boots more than anything but its really hard when your living in a sorority house with 2 other girls in your room and no room to put anything. I have a ton of clothes and shoes and its impossible to bring all my stuff to college, even though I wish I could. But so far so good. I’m making due with what I have in my closet and what everyone else has their closet. I love the cold but right now hate it. I see so many cute sweaters that I want to buy because the fashion is always changing and whats in is so cute. But I cant buy it and its driving me crazy. 

The way I am becoming even more creative than the last time was by mix matching every color to be different. I love standing out and this project has done the job for me. My roommates have been so helpful and letting me borrow anything they have! Thank goodness because I would never be able to survive without them. They are always constantly buy new things so its like I’m buying it without spending the money. It’s the best of both worlds. This challenge is a way of keeping my bank account in check for both me and my parents. 

The only temptation I have had is the ski trip all greeks are getting to go on. My parents bought it for me and signed me up for january luckily when this is over with. I would have been very crushed if it still was going on in January because everyone of my friends is going. I also think its a reward for me from my parents for not spending any money. 

This project has defiantly made me appreciate my friends way more for helping me and appreciate money. A lot of people don’t have money they can just go and blow on clothes. Im very fortunate that I can do that. As of right now I cant and its given me a taste of what people endure every day. I only have to go through it for a semester which is not long at all and for them its allot of peoples whole lives. I have never been so thankful in my whole life. I am very glad I tried this detox.