Well I have made it through another week and my birthday week at that!! I am feeling alright about this fashion detox. I definitely slipped up as I stated before when it came to accepting apparel gifts. However, this week has been better! I had the feeling of “oh it doesn’t matter anyways. I would like to wear what I got” and I have, but I am not forgetting why we are doing this project and am trying to remain on track. I definitely know that I have grown up in a consumerist environment and maintain that personality at points.

Creativity is still a buzz, not necessarily always in the sustainable way. However, in our studio class, we are designing a new building and it offers many options for sustainability; whether it is using local/ indigenous materials or recyclable materials. Therefore, creativity is changing by already adding sustainability to our/my designs.

I am beginning to understand my temptations. Originally, taking this challenge I thought it would not be that difficult because I hardly ever purchase clothing unless it is a necessity or it is given to me. However, adding to the challenge of decorations and home décor is obviously more difficult. While I still do not purchase clothing and don’t always have the means to purchase home décor; the old saying that you want something that you can’t have is definitely true and the desire for things grow.

This week there is not any new changes to how I feel about people. I think that more recently I have changed feelings of myself.

I also do not have any new not shopping tips. Really the best way not to is to dig deep in closets and expand horizons! Also, to stay out of stores!

Let’s see creative strategies to fulfill needs….hmmm. Like I have stated before I am noticing the necessity of many things. I do not NEED anymore clothes I have things that fit and will keep me warm as the season changes and I truly do not NEED decorations.