This weekend I went on a camping trip with my church here in Stillwater. We literally went to the middle of nowhere and just enjoyed time with God.  Forgetful me, though, forgot her sleeping bag and duffle at home. 1.5 hours from Stillwater.  So Thursday, I met my dad in Edmond to pick up the sleeping bag and it hadn’t fully dawned on me that I didn’t have a duffle for everything. So Friday, the day we leave, I realize my issue and… Go to TJ Maxx! My favorite store ever! I stayed out of the clothes and shoes and only went into their luggage department.  There was no way I was spending $30.00 on a duffle. That’s beyond ridiculous. So then, I went to Ross. Love that store. Found an adorable duffle for $15.00. SCORE! But I stayed out of the clothes.  It was so hard to not give into temptation, but I survived.  College girls who aren’t allowed to shop and are on a budget can survive!