Okay, so this week was hard. Ironically, like the other bloggers, I was so busy that I could not think about going shopping. Unfortunately, I still have people to think about shopping for me. I went home this past weekend. Usually, my parents surprise me with something waiting on my bed for me. I open my door to loads of winter sweaters and a few new jeans. I won’t lie, there was a coat in the bunch that I had to take (demands of mommy) because it is starting to get rather chilly.

It was definitely hard for me to not accept the sweaters..right now. I had to think of something creative to get my mind off of shopping, but not necessarily fashion. I went through my clothes and decided to pass them on to the younger girls at church. This made me feel good because in spite of my frustrations, the smiles on their face when they received these things were truly genuine.