The temptations to shop have subdued thanks to my very busy week, but thoughts of shopping to get new staple items run straight through my head every time I look at my closet. Every day I think of new things I need for the winter, but I can’t even go get them. Must. Stop. Thinking. About. Shopping.

But, I don’t know how that will be possible because my favorite jeans ripped today. They were the most comfortable and SOFT skinny jeans I have ever had. They were from Banana Republic and just looking at that tag makes me wish I could go to BR to buy a new pair! Luckily, the Columbia mall is very limited in shopping options and does not have a BR so that also helps with the wants, the needs, and the temptations.

I still am envying all of the other girls around me. Their perfect fall outfits are accessorized with big, knit infinity scarves, which I want more of. Last fall/winter I began knitting my own scarves and will like to start making some again soon! Does that count as fashion consumption? (LOL) Does making a scarf for someone else count as fashion consumption? So many questions! Until I am for sure, I guess I’ll have to resist the temptation to go get some skeins from JoAnn’s…

Slowly but surely, I am pressing on.