I have lost track of what week this is, but all I know is that it is midterm season so we’re halfway there! I actually have not had time for shopping or thinking about new clothes lately. I have been so busy with homecoming, studying, and other extra curricular activities. Such as a social life! That leaves me no time for shopping, unfortunately.

But that’s ok since I am participating in this fashion detox. I have been ok with not buying a bunch of new clothes so far this semester because I always think about what’s in store for the future. I know that me not buying clothes now just means that I can buy even cuter clothes next season! That makes this whole thing a little better.

I sure would love some new Steve Madden boots though, or a dress that I have had my eye on at Britches. Oh well. This was my choice! The thing that sucks is that all this money I thought I would have saved is gone. I spend my money on food and other things I need to buy for school or crafting. I just can’t figure it out. I thought the detox would help me save my money, but it hasn’t really. I suppose that since I cannot use shopping for clothes as a stress reliever then I use shopping for other necessities in replacement.

I will be happy when winter break comes around and I can finally go to the mall and try on all the clothes I want and not feel any guilt because of it. So soon!