Luckily, my roommates are also trying to save money so that has made it easier to not buy anything. However, I have a wedding this weekend and I need to find a dress. I still might borrow one from my friend but if all else fails I’m going to have to slip and buy something. Luckily, I have cute nude heels that I can wear with any color dress that I find so I don’t have to buy any. This week one of my friends came in town so we went shopping and I found this beautiful necklace that I just couldn’t pass up. So unfortunately, I have bought something and might have to buy a dress this week. I’m trying really hard not to buy anything, so I feel like this assignment has really helped and challenged me. Hopefully, after this is over my mentality will still be to not buy anything just when I’m bored and wait until I really need to. This is a very beneficial experience for everyone.