Time seems to continue to roll on during this fashion detox.  It doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore (though I haven’t worked in a while so that could part of the reason why).  If I’m not around any retail or clothing environments it is a lot easier for me to not buy anything.  I have also started to refrain from looking at the Women’s Fashion posts on Pinterest.  By avoiding looking at all of the cute clothing that is posted on there, I find it a lot easier for me to forgo online shopping.  I am also finding more and more ways to use the clothing I already have to make new outfits.  I recently brought all of my scarves and sweaters to school from home and am using those to make a new array of outfits.  You’d be surprised at how much switching up a scarf can change the entire look of an outfit.  I find that accessorizing outfits can make it a lot more fun and can turn one look into a completely different one.  I am starting to use this to boost my creativity.  I am breaking out more and more old jewelry that I haven’t worn in a while in order to “spice up” my outfits.  Surprisingly, it’s quite a fun process!  I never knew that limiting yourself on buying new clothing items (or completely eliminating it all together) could spark such creativity!  I’m anxious to see what the following weeks bring and how my creativity will change from here on out.