Every week that goes by that I haven’t bought anything, it gets harder and harder.  I want fall boots and a new watch, and some other miscellaneous materialistic things that I don’t need.  Sometimes I have to constantly remind myself that I really don’t need what I am wanting, but it is so hard.  I still have the same tactic of not shopping, such as going on pinterest daily and vicariously shopping through others.  I have gone this far without shopping though and I also tell myself that when I am wanting something really bad and almost give in, but it would not be worth it.  I find this as a challenge for myself and a way to be responsible with my money and frivolous spending. 

            Being creative with my clothes is still pretty easy though.  I love mixing and matching my clothes anyway, so that part of the challenge is not so hard for me.  My roommates are pretty helpful too without knowing it, because they don’t have the money to spend on clothes anyway so they are indirectly helping me as well.  I hope that this challenge ends soon or else I may just break and go buy something.  We will see how it goes for the coming week.