This challenge is actually a lot harder than I expected. I think it’s especially hard because the weather has dramatically changed and normally I enjoy going out to buy new fall and winter clothes. Today is my birthday so I was home for the weekend. My mom took me to the mall and it was the hardest thing ever not to buy anything! I looked around in all the stores to see what I liked so that I could spend my birthday money on things when the semester is over. However, some of my friends bought me clothes for my birthday so I really couldn’t say no.

It helps living in the sorority house because when I get bored with my closet I can walk around to all the other girls’ rooms and borrow their stuff. My roommate is also constantly buying new clothes so when she lets me borrow things it feels like I’m getting new clothes too! This helps out a lot because if I couldn’t borrow other people’s stuff I would be so sick of the clothes that I have already.

I just keep reminding myself how much this is helping me save money, as well as helping me expand my creativity. It is going to feel so good when this is over and I can actually say that I made it a whole semester without buying any new clothes. I’m anxious to continue to see how the rest of the semester goes! So far so good!