I can’t believe that I have not considered about the word ‘shopping’ for the past whole week, I even do not realize that until I start to sit on my chair, thinking about the blog for this week now. The campus life is turning busier, a midterm is on the way, I almost have no time for the consideration of prevention of shopping for apparel. Everyday I am very busy with my homework and the capstone lab, those make me stressed out but I am also happy with that, because I can discover something interesting every single day and keeping away from shopping makes me realize studying inspires the creation and your innovation.

However there is still one thing I become a little worried about– the apparel for this cold winter. It’s only October but the coldest temperature can be only ten centi degrees in the night. I search my closet but I really do not have much for the winter, and I do not want to wear similar clothes for a long time. So I think I need to spend some time considering about trying new pairing up, which gives freshness to both my soul and body.

This week I continue discussing the concept of ‘Fashion Detox’ and more friends get to know the activity because of me, so I  feel very proud of that. It’s something really tough and hard when I first hear the requirement for the activity but when I set the goal and step out, I find stepping out is the most difficult part that I have already accomplished. There are only two months left for the Fashion Detox and I am more confident every day that I will make that!