Whenever I start to plan my outfit for a themed social, I know it will involve a lot of time and effort. This past week was my sorority’s social and the theme happened to be the nineties. This was a tricky theme to plan for because whenever I think of a symbolic decade, I think of the eighties. To me, the nineties are not iconic, so I knew creating this outfit was going to be a struggle. In the end, I found it was easier to find an outfit from this decade, though, since I grew up during the nineties. The only hard thing I dealt with was when all my friends went to Goodwill without me. Goodwill seems like the best place to find out-of-style clothes, so it must have been easy to find nineties clothes there. I felt left out and sad I could not join in on the shopping adventure, but I got through it by searching Google for some good ideas. Then I went into my closet and tried to find clothes that matched the looks I found online. I found some combat boots of my mom’s and decided they would be perfect. Also, in my costume box I found a scrunchie that would work perfectly for a teased side pony. Another thing in my box was this black long sleeved, cut-off beaded shirt. It looked very nineties and actually belonged to my mother. It really was the main hit of my outfit and what tied the entire outfit together. With that shirt, I made my look revolve around Madonna. I wore all of those items also with black high waisted shorts, huge hoop earrings, and sunglasses. In the end, I felt like Madonna and felt confident in my overall look compared to all of my friends’ outfits.


This week my creativity was definitely challenged with working with a new decade and all. However like I said earlier, it ended up being easier since I had lived through the nineties so I already had good ideas. Plus, being able to wear my mom’s clothes was a great way to avoid shopping. My main help was that and the power of Google. Google images gave me so many great ideas. With those images I was able to mentally create three looks from things in my closet, so in the end I actually had options to choose from my own clothes. Who would have thought? My friends ended up liking my outfit better than their own. Around my friends I felt like my outfit was perfect and maybe better than their Goodwill finds. When I first got this challenge to find an outfit for this social, I thought I was going to have to crack on my detox. However, I was able to avoid my need to shop for nineties-like clothes thanks to my mother, my closet, and Google.