From my previous posts you can see I’m doing pretty well about the whole not shopping thing. However it is possible that it could be beginning to get challenging. 

I went to my family reunion this past weekend and while walking through the shops in the town square we came across a military surplus shop. As a male that is a hard opportunity to pass up so I had to go in and look around. I was trying on this nice tan fleece pullover, just my size, when I remembered; I can’t buy this. Needless to say I looked around some more, but not nearly as enthusiastically I couldn’t buy anything and because I won’t get to go back for another two years.

However in another store I did acquire an early Christmas present so that definitely made up for it some, don’t worry it wasn’t apparel. 

On another note in relation to previous posts I’m still searching for a solution to the no jeans problem at my new job but I’m sure one will be forthcoming soon.