This weekend presented a new form of challenge to the fashion detox. As a Texas alum, it’s always an exciting time to go back to Dallas for the Texas-OU football game. The Red River Rivalry is a great time for friends and alums to come together. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to drive back to Dallas this weekend to attend the game. Something I had never thought about before this fashion detox was the fact that so many of the t-shirts and other apparel we purchase is to commemorate an event. I’ve bought so many shirts at concerts, clothes in other countries, and shirts for specific sporting events, which makes it painful to discard some of those items with so many memories. It was a challenge this weekend to not purchase anything commemorating the fun weekend in Dallas. However, since the football game was a disaster for Texas, that alleviated some of the pain of not going home with a 2012 Red River Rivalry tee.

Last week, I also had to go get fitted in a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding in January. I purchased the dress before the challenge began, but it still felt like cheating to be walking around in and getting sized for this new, beautiful dress. That should satisfy me for a few more weeks!

Overall, I’m still feeling good about the challenge. Then again, I can’t say I will be sad to be finished! Looking forward to being able to shop freely, and it will come just in time for the holiday shopping season. Hanging in there!