Like usual, I worked fifty hours this week and had no time to do anything else besides homework in my free time. No free time = no time to shop.  This week was a little more difficult than past weeks to resist the urge to online shop.  I did happen to browse a few store’s websites, but remained strong.  It was a typical week packed of school and work for me until…

My sister from home came to visit, bearing none other than a shopping bag full of clothes that I had purchased and forgotten before I left for school.  Because I had already bought them prior to the experiment, this wasn’t really cheating..right? The first thing I did when I got home from work last night was try on all the garments contained in the bag. This little bag of joy was exactly what I needed after a four week dry spell from shopping.

I’m hoping that these few garments and new additions to my closet will suffice and help me to remain strong in these few remaining weeks of the experiment. As long as I stay busy and out of stores, I have faith that I’ll be able to successfully complete this challenge.