Winter is coming step by step quietly. When I go to check my closet, I don’t think I have enough cloths to through this winter. Do I need to add some new clothes for myself and keep fashion? Do I need to buy a legging to keep warm and follow the American fashion? Different voice and entanglement come into my mind. I cannot free myself.

Frankly speaking, I always searching clothes on amazon web. I am really happy when I saw such beautiful and charming clothes and accesory. I cannot help to put them into my shopping cart. But I will not buy them because I know I am a fashion detox. I will insist in my goal until the end of semester when I finish my task and my promise. I think I can handle it using my existing clothes.

Time goes fast, my first mid-term exam will come next Friday. I cannot spare my mind to think this kind of things. Just stick on my study and have fun!