So, this week has been fairly tolerable for me. On the other hand, the other things stressing me out are school and homecoming. I honestly haven’t had a lot of time to think about shopping which has been pretty nice! I’m feeling pretty good this week to say the least.

This challenge has impacted my creativity by embarking on the journey through my closet. I’ve been more motivated to look deeper into my closet. I’m finding things that I completely forgot I had and it’s like Christmas! I’m enjoying re-wearing all of these things like they’re new!

I have had one slight temptation to buy a t-shirt from Nike that I thought was super funny, but I didn’t because for one, I really want this extra credit and two, I’m pretty sure it will be there around Christmas time too.

For this week, this challenge hasn’t impacted how I feel around other and I think it’s because everyone around me doesn’t have time to shop either so I have no jealous feelings!

I can’t think of anything more positive about not shopping except for the fact that I have NO time to do it. Therefore, I’m not wanting to shop!

My mom has been collecting the shopping catalogs at my house so I can at least look at things that are out there and I can still keep up with what everyone is wearing these days instead of shielding myself from everything all together. She’s been very supportive on thi journey and I thank her for that.