The weather has gotten colder, which has made me feel like I should get more warmer clothing, especially since the majority of mine is still at home and sitting through football games in the cold.  I have resisted buying a Mizzou quarter zip because I know it is not needed, but otherwise, I am so busy with classes, Homecoming, and work, that I do not have time to shop.  This challenge makes me feel a bit weird that I still keep wearing the same cardigan to add an extra layer of warmth, but luckily, my roommates have other clothes for me to borrow, so that has been a creative strategy to staying warm while not wearing a black jacket day in and day out.  Luckily, my parents are coming to visit in two weeks, so there isn’t too much time left for me to wait for my warmer clothing.

I think the change in season is what makes people (me included) want to shop because there are better deals on the past season’s clothes and time to get the next fashion trends before they really start, but I know that who I am and what I am accomplishing is more important than what I’m wearing.  Yes, would I like to have trendier clothes at the moment, but I am happy that I am doing this challenge so that I am not spending my entire paycheck on clothes that will go out of style next year or season.  Not even knowing what is new now (because I’m also not searching clothing websites) is also helping with this.