My 2nd round interviews/office visits are coming up next week and I kind of feel the challenge because I want to do well on the interview and somehow i think in order to do that i want to stand out in every espects includes appearance. I always have passion in buying business causal clothes and professional suites and even business skirts and high heels. I like dressing myself up like a professional business women expecially that I’m tall, wearing those tight skirts matched with high heels makes me look very skinny and good in shape. I also believe that apperance is very very important for interviews and office visits or event any networking events; because first impression is very hard to change a big part of the first impression comes from appearance.         

        My parents are never happy with me buying too much new clothes every year but business clothes are always an exception. My dad always says that if its for business clothes, he will always support me with money; my mom also says that she thinks expenses on business clothes are uavoidable and necessary expense. Both of them think that dress nicely will help me somehow in myjob searching process and career path and any expenses related to business clothes are like investment for future benefit and therefore worth it.

        With the support from my parents, I never hestitate to buy any business clothes but this time is definitely different. I want to stick to my fashion detox project, it has been 5 weeks and I’m very proud of myself and actually having fun in the process. I feel like if I end up buying business clothes even if there seems an excuse my first 5 weeks’ efforts will turn out to be nothing. So I decide instead of going shopping, i will iron all my business suites/shirts/skirts and then find the most perfect match by asking friends’ opinions. After 5 weeks in fashion detox, I already have the faith that buying clothes will never be the only solution to a situation and there is always another way to solve it. Whenever I overcome an internal challenge or temptation of buying new clothes, I become more confident in myself.