I am feeling a bit frazzled at the moment! It has been a crazy week packed with tests and projects that I think I might have gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep in the past two days? Crazy college days!!

This past week I really haven’t had too many temptations because I have been so darn busy that I haven’t really been paying attention to what I’m wearing! I have barely even had time to shower! However… with the whole cold front that came in this past week a pair of socks without a hole in them would of been nice. I would have to say that would be my only trouble this week.

I did feel pretty jealous at my friends who were all sporting their new fuzzy socks, but other then that I have been so busy that I haven’t had too much time to envy!

I honestly didn’t even need any strategies this week, the last thing on my mind was going shopping! It was either pass my accounting exam or wallow around the shops and watch my friends buy things that I can’t have! BUT my goal next week is to look presentable next week to make up for my lack of charisma this past week!!