Fall is officially here in the Midwest. And I have nothing to wear.

I went home last weekend to visit family and get my fall wardrobe. I couldn’t remember what I had stored away, but I was praying it was something killer. I was throughly disappointed.

I hardly had any sweaters or anything that looked remotely interesting to wear. I needed an update! But alas, I’m detoxing….

I went through and got rid of all the things that didn’t fit anymore or didn’t have much potential and went to Plato’s closet and Goodwill. The others I’m going to try and get creative with.

I was hanging out with a friend the other day and she was asking my opinion on a dress she wanted to order. I was very jealous that I couldn’t get new clothes, but thankful for saving my money.

To stop myself from buying I’m pretty good at talking myself out of things. I have gotten very practical before I buy. Is it good quality? Worth the price? On sale or promo? If they match all of this criteria, it’s been pretty hard to let things go. But I’ll survive.

Also, I don’t tempt myself. I haven’t been to the mall or to all the adorable shops downtown. School has gotten very hectic, so I find that I don’t even have the time!

Still holding on strong, but it’s hard to see all these cute sweaters and fall outfits around campus.