Time goes really fast. I am busy with my course mid-term exams and the due work for my TAM class. Weather is changeable this week especially when Friday is coming. The weather goes cold, people switch short sleeve in to long sleeve overnight. When I was looking for something to keep warm, I noticed that I get a gap jacket in yellow color which bought from the outlets in the summer break. I remember I was so excited when I got this new cloth, because of its cheap price. There is a 75% plus an additional 25% discount at that time.

I think it is enough; I already have four to five jackets in my closet. It is totally enough for me to go through the winter at least this semester. I don’t think I need to go and buy something new. I went to Columbia Mall with my boyfriend this weekend, because he wants to buy pair of new shoes. I was thinking people should stay at home to keep the cold weather outside. I was wrong. Guess what, I never seen such a lot of people shopping in the mall. May be because of the weather changing, people need to buy something to welcome the arrival of winter.

After all, I make it. Thanksgiving is coming, there must lots of discount at that time, and I don’t know whether I can come over it or not. But I want to try.