I will have to save my $100 Dillard’s gift card for two more months. I just got the gift card but cannot spend it until the detox is over, so I am definitely feeling frustrated and depressed! I really need to go get some staple items for the winter like black flats, solid colored cardigans to layer with, and some jewel-toned colored skinny jeans. BUT, I can’t.

I have had little motivation to look “cute” and dress up because I feel like everything in my closet is out of style or over worn. I feel like others around me have such great fall outfits while mine are just so mediocre. I know if I go and spend that $100 gift card, I would feel much happier, but I have come so far! I have learned that if I don’t want to wear anything in my closet then maybe I need to get rid of some of it… But, I just can’t seem to part with some things even if I haven’t worn it in the last six months. I still feel like at some point I MIGHT wear it.

For some inspiration, my mom told me about Collegefashion.net which is a website about how to live a fabulous life on a student budget that a student at the University of Massachusetts started. I have been looking at the website, which has been both bad and good. The good news is that I can get outfit ideas from some of the posts, yet the bad news is the blog makes me want to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP! However, I will continue to stay strong because at the end I will finally be able to BUY, BUY, BUY.