This weekend my best friend came to visit me and all was well until she decided to torture me by asking if we could go to Macy’s to “just look” at shoes…Yeah, right! I stayed strong though. I sent my mom pictures of some boots to add to my Christmas list, but in reality I was dying inside. Hopefully she got the hint…After Macy’s, I was feeling alright until we ended up at the mall. And even worse, in Express. Express is my ultimate weakness! I’m pretty sure 95% of my closet is from Express. As I walked through the racks of beautiful sweaters and new fall prints I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a harringbone trench coat. I thought “Well, maybe I’ll just try it on.” That was probably a mistake, but I knew I was not going to give in. I admired it in the mirror for a few minutes before reluctantly slipping it off and returning it to the hanger. I just reassured myself that it will still be there when the detox is over. As painful as it was to not buy anything, life goes on and they are just clothes. I’m beginning to feel a little uneasy about making it all the way until the end of the detox without cracking, but I am still going to try my best. I’m just trying to take it one week at a time.