I never realized my prime shopping needs were t-shirts until this past week. I only thought my struggle with this challenge was going to be the fact I could not buy new clothes for special events. Truth be told, I learned that my weakness is buying t-shirts. This actually makes sense since everyday at school I wear t-shirts. My wardrobe mainly consists of t-shirts because of the organizations and events I’ve attended. This past week my sorority had their normal t-short order online and I usually just put whatever t-shirt I like on my debit card. I do this to match everyone else in my chapter. It was not too hard resisting the temptation to buy the t-shirt, but once everyone gets their t-shirt delivered, I am sure I will feel somewhat sad. For now, around others I am not feeling depressed yet since the t-shirts have not even come in. However, I was already feeling a little down that I could not even buy the t-shirt. To stop myself from buying the t-shirt, I didn’t even look at the photo so I would not feel even more obligated to purchase the t-shirt.


My creativity has not really been challenged this week since all I have worn is t-shirts. Not buying the t-shirt online made me realize how many t-shirts I actually have. In my closet I saw that I own so many t-shirts that I do not even need to do laundry for a very long time before I run out. In reality, this challenge has prevented me from buying something I already have dozens of, and because of that I have saved so much money from not being allowed to buy these worthless t-shirts. Besides, so many events give away free t-shirts, I could basically just rely on that for my “t-shirt needs” if I needed t-shirts after this challenge. As for now, I have plenty of t-shirts so there is no need for me to buy any more t-shirts. To fulfill my t-shirt needs, though, I plan to do laundry more often so I never run out of t-shirts to wear to class. This week has taught me what my real needs are since I wear t-shirts for most of my time at school. However, the challenge still has not greatly impacted me to the point that I feel hopeless without my needs. I still feel I have a huge closet for all my business school and social occasion needs, and I just need to utilize that!