You know that say, “if the shoe fits… buy it in every color?” Guess who got a whole bunch new shoes this weekend?? This gal! but I didn’t go and purchase them, oh no I didn’t. I actually had them brought to me from home. A long with a bunch of jackets and other miscellaneous items. Hooray! New things that aren’t actually new. Lucky me. I was getting to the point point that I needed to start wearing heavier jackets and boots and yes I was considering going somewhere and buying some, but when my dad visited he brought some to me. YAY! So I have now cheated my way to old, “new” choices. Nothing purchased just reworn! So clever I know. It has been hard, with a trip to New York City fast approaching and not exactly taking the time to think about what I want to wear and bring I think I am procrastinating to the last moment when I will just want to buy a whole new wardrobe. Clearly that is not an option with this assignment so I’ll use my stylist skills to creative something clever and fun. Oh the places I will go and oh the outfits I will create. Sometimes difficult and time consuming other times challenging in all the right ways. This is actually starting to get fun!