This weekend was a tough weekend to stay motivated. To start things off it was my friend’s birthday so she wanted to take a day trip to the outlet mall at the lake. I went to help celebrate her birthday and just to have fun with all of our friends. It was very hard to see them all buying cute clothes for a good price and not being able to shop myself. My friends like to all help each other pick out good outfits so I picked out a really cute skirt and top for one of my friends but I was jealous I couldn’t get it myself. But borrowing is always a plus when you have friends the same size as you! I am very proud of myself that I suck with the detox even at the outlet mall with the pressure of my friends.

Then on Sunday I had to go home a work one shift to stay in the system. I had not been to work since coming back to school so seeing all the new clothes was very tempting! We also sell new jewelry and that is something I have really been wanting. My jewelry collection is lacking but I resisted the temptation. Having a good discount makes it even harder to say no but I am learning the things I want to buy are also things I don’t really need. This detox process is continuing to show me how much people do spend on unnecessary items.