It never fails. Every game day when I am surrounded by so many cute outfits, I get this sudden urge to go shopping. I was doing well the entire week by not going out and finding outfits for the weekend until Saturday rolled around. It was very challenging but I was able to restrain myself from going out and buying everything black and gold. I remembered that I cannot spend any money and am not allowed to buy clothing. Its getting a lot harder to listen to the inside voice inside my head telling me to not go out ad splurge. This challenge has impacted my creativity massively because I have been forced to work with what I have in my possession right now and I can’t add to my wardrobe. It’s become pretty much impossible to accessorize and create new outfits. It especially has become even harder around everyone because I feel as though all my friends are going out shopping for winter. While, I’m stuck sitting at home wishing I could go out and buy new outfits and clothes for the change in weather. I have even started to become a bit envious of my friends but I make it manageable by remembering that my checking account and parents will thank me later on. I just hope it gets at least a little bit better as it goes on!