Over the past few weeks I have been fighting the urge to shop very successfully.  This week, however, I had a little slip-up.  I went home for a doctor’s appointment on Thursday night and ended up on the plaza for dinner with my family, which lead to shopping with my mom and sister.  Of course with my sister offering to buy two new sweaters for me, I couldn’t resist.  I haven’t bought new sweaters in probably a year since it hasn’t been appropriate weather for sweaters in quite a while but with the offer from my sister to pay for my shopping I really couldn’t say no.  My sister kept one of the sweaters and I kept the other and we decided that we will switch at thanksgiving break.  In my defense of buying something, I did decide to share my purchases with my sister so I don’t feel completely guilty.  I believe that the reason that I felt so ok with buying them was also because my birthday is coming up as well and my sister said that the sweater would be part of my present.  Also I felt like I deserved to get a little treat for myself since I have been doing really well this semester in school.

Making purchases this week made me feel pretty good and I’m hoping that I didn’t start a sequence of purchasing.  I think that this detox has really made me become someone that thinks very hard before making purchases and I’m hoping that that sticks with me.  Every time that I go to a store now I think a million times before I buy something.  In that sense, I have learned so much and gotten so much out of this detox already.