Of course in Missouri you never know what the weather is going to be like. One day it could be in the high 70’s and the next in the high 30’s. Clearly, this climate change is not all that easy. Although I did manage to get a hold of my leggings and a few cardigans and sweatshirts, I don’t have all my warm clothes! This can be tough, especially when having to walk to my classes, which are all across campus. Every time I get a chance for someone to bring some of my fall clothes from home, I take it! My brother went home for the night a few days ago and thankfully my mom could get some things together for me. It has been very tough again and I am having temptations to buy new clothes for the season. Although I have put things in my shopping cart on a website, I refuse to actually buy anything as I hear “fashion detox” repeat in the back of my mind. Although it may be strange to say, shopping for me is also a stress reliever. I have been very tied up with schoolwork and cannot help my bad anxiety. However, because I cannot buy anything, I have been trying to take out my anxiety on being creative with fashion. By using many accessories, like belts and jewelry, I can liven up my plain leggings and sweaters. Also, last year I got a pair of army green Jeffery Campbell’s, which I love! I have been waiting for the chance to be able to pull them out of my closet again, and for some reason, when I wear them it changes my style. It makes me feel more adventurous with my style but confident at the same time. I like to this I can have more of a trendy, urban style with them, which allows me to put different kind of clothing together that I normally wouldn’t. What makes me feel best is when someone gives me a compliment about the way I am dressed, and that I did a good job at changing my unique style. Although it is tough not being able to purchase new things for the season, I feel like I can get through it. I just have to be creative, change up my outfits, and tell myself I can do this challenge! Wish me luck!