Fall has arrived, and it’s the best time of the year… in my book at least! I love the Fall because the weather is ahhmazing! Midwest weather has so many extremes, the summer is so hot and the Winter is freezing, but the Fall is a perfect medium. I believe the Fall and Spring have the best weather for fashion. I love the Fall and Winter’s color schemes and my favorite garment is a jacket, so, Fall is perfect for me! I get to wear my all time favorite garment, the blazer.  I started to go crazy with the blazer, buying so many new ones all the time.. I now have about 11 in my wardrobe. But with this challenge, it has made me think of new ways to pair the blazers and incorporate other apparel into my outfits. My closet is filled with so many pieces of clothing that still have the tags on them! For example, my pleated skirt. I always veer away from wearing it and it has been hanging in my closet for about a year, but I think it’s so cute! Specifically, since I cant buy a new dress for my sorority’s formal, I have to think of new options. I ended up pairing my pleated skirt with one of my favorite mint shirts and I’m in love! I probably would have never thought about pairing the skirt for a formal if I was able to just go buy a new dress!  This challenge is definitely helping me get the full use out of my clothes. This past week has been pretty slow, and I haven’t really felt any temptations to shop. I’ve been crafting a lot for my Sorority’s big/little reveal, which I think has quenched my thirst to shop.