So, I have failed to mention in my previous posts, but I am the merchandise chair for my sorority. I am the person who designs the clothes and other items we mass order. I got the position right before I found out about this Detox. So I am designing t-shirts and sweatshirts for events, such as formal and Homecoming, but I cannot order anything myself. At first this was extremely hard, especially since everything I was designing were items I liked myself and wanted to order. Then I thought to myself, well I have way too many t-shirts it’s ridiculous, and I live with 98 of my sisters that order the clothing I design, therefore I can borrow from them. I will never have the opportunity to order this merchandise once this Detox is over since it is all mass ordered. It isn’t like buying a cute pair of shoes, which will most likely be available after Detox-ing. I also feel left out at times when all my sisters are wearing matching shirts and I am not. This has probably been one of my biggest obstacles over the course of my Fashion Detox so far. 

As far as how my creativity has been impacted, I have not been too creative this past week. My previous posts have mentioned a lot about my creativity throughout this Detox, from my mom making me a skirt to making a pair of high-waisted jean shorts (which I am really excited to wear this Tuesday!). 

I have been making a list of items I want after this semester is over so I don’t forget what I have been yearning to buy. Some items on my list so far: a new winter peacoat, Frye riding boots, oversized sweaters, a denim jacket, and a chambray button down. I have been saving money I would be spending now on clothing for a big shopping spree I am anticipating after this semester is over. It will be my incentive for successfully finishing this Fashion Detox, and also for completing the first semester of my Junior Year, which has proved to be quite a challenging one. 

Next weekend I will be going home after the ‘Bama game, so I hope my mom remembers I am doing this Fashion Detox so she doesn’t suggest we go shopping. I hate turning down a shopping trip my mom suggests!