It’s been about a month. I’ll admit, I have been failing with fashion detox. I am definitely not spending as much money as I normally would be on clothing and accessory items, but I have still purchased some new things. I probably should not spend anything, but some of it was from my mom too! I went home last weekend and we went to target. Now you must know that when my mother and I walk into Target, we cannot leave empty handed. We don’t only buy clothes though, we get other house necessities as well.


It’s been especially hard to not purchase clothing because I want to stay up to date on the fashion. I’ve mostly just bought clothing for tailgating though. Surprisingly, I didn’t have block or gold “SEC” clothes so I got some because I wanted to dress up too on game days!


What I do is not go walk around the mall. Usually to relieve stress or just put a smile on my face, I love to go to the mall, walk around looking at clothes, trying on clothes, maybe buying clothes. But I have not done that at all this year. I’ve gone to target and the only time I walked in the mall at all was to fill out applications for retail stores. I am trying to get a retail job, but I haven’t gotten one yet. I know that when I do get a retail job I will want to buy the clothing from that store because I’ll have a discount, but for the sake of the fashion detox if I get a retail job before the semester is over then I will try my best to not buy anything. At least not until the semester is over J


I don’t know how many weeks are left, but I do know that I am still going to do my best and not spend my money.