I am still feeling pretty good about the Fashion Detox thus far. I have not yet caved and bought any apparel, although I have definitely wanted to. The Fashion Detox makes me feel empowered in the sense that I am able to withhold myself from doing one of the things I absolute love doing. The challenge has not really affected me in any negative ways, or the way I feel around others. I think this challenge is helping me to fill my time with things other than shopping, and discovering new things to do when I’m bored or when need a pick-me-up. For instance, my roommates and I have now gotten really into crafting. Instead of online shopping when I am bored, I have started to look up DIY projects. It has actually been really fun discovering new strategies to stop myself from shopping. I have a feeling that I am going to have a ton of new hobbies by the time this semester is over.