Try taking 18 credit hours, working fifty hours a week and having the responsibility of dog and then tell me how much free time you actually have to enjoy your hobbies.  Between the long shifts I work, the hours I spend in class and then studying, I have no time to even think about shopping.  Although I sometimes cross the issue of feeling like I have nothing in my closet to wear, having an overhwheliming bank account seems to make up for it. I was under the impression before I got my job that once I had it, I would have even more money to put towards clothes.  But after working so hard for it, I find it difficult to actually spend it. If I even had the time to actually shop, I would probably shop at cheaper stores to get more for my money.  This week I had no urge at all to shop in stores or even online.  Until thanksgiving break my only concern is school and work.  For the first time in my life, fashion comes second.