Every time someone asks me what my favorite season is i always say fall. I love boots and big sweaters, the whole season just seems so cozy. Also, i love nude and carmel brown clothing it just reminds me so much of fall! It is very hard not to get new clothing. It keeps getting harder and harder to resist fall clothing! My roommate’s have been getting a ton of new clothes so i always wear theirs. When my friends get new clothes it makes me think i am getting a whole new closet!

Its frustrating not having my own items that i love and can wear forever. I want to be up to date with my clothing style! I really hope i don’t give in on this challenge but i really need some new boots! I have had mine for 2 years now and they are becoming worn down. I am going to stick to commitment though and wait till this detox is over! Again, i am still feeling good about not spending all my money on clothes. I think i am saving a lot of money and this challenge will help me in the long run.