Fall has hit me like a bag of rocks! I was not expecting to be so cold so soon. I did not think that I would have to be layering clothing already.  I find myself needing more clothes to wrap me with warmth.  I know I can use last years fall clothes but they are not the same.  The thing I want to buy very badly is sweaters and boot socks!!! Those have been my few temptations.  One of the bad things about having a little extra money from not shopping is the extra money I now have for food! This has become a terrible problem.  My creativity is still at a main stream.  Nothing has changed in that department. I guess you could say I have become more creative in what and where I eat. Maybe this will make me eat healthier, maybe not.  We will see. Until I can wrap my body with nice warm sweaters, I will be warming it with nice big cheese burgers.