This week I was extremely busy with school work and band commitments. I really didn’t put much effort into my outfits this week because being fashionable was the least of my worries. Being so busy made this challenge a lot easier when compared to weeks when I had little to do and I just sat around and moped about not being to shop. 

The week and the weekend flew by with all the challenges I had to overcome. I hope that the weeks to come will be this easy and I will forget about being so concerned about the clothes in my closet and the clothes I want to add to my closet. When it comes down to it, clothes are such a silly thing to get so upset over. There are so many more important things going on in my life right now that focusing on my clothes would be a waste of valuable time. I’m trying to get into a mindset that what I have right now in my closet is all I need, and when I really come to terms with that mindset I start to realize that it is the truth.

All considering, the temptation to go out and splurge on clothes has decreased drastically. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are still those days when I see a really cute sweater and have to hold back my initial reaction to run into the store and buy it. This challenge is giving me a new perspective of life and how silly it is for me to get so worked up over clothes. There are a lot of other things to invest my time in, and I’m happy that the Fashion Detox challenge is helping me see that now.