This past Thursday was my birthday and usually it is a tradition for me to go shopping with my friends to get birthday new outfit and wear it to the party. I told all my friends that I’m actually in this fashion detox project can not purchase any new stuff and of course I didn’t go shopping at all. After participating in Fashion Detox for almost a month, I’ve came up with one really effective strategy for me; that is, I try to identify what are some temptations for me and then try to avoid my exposures to those temptations. For example, I’m trying my best to avoid going to the mall, the target or even stores in downtown. I found it very easy to enjoy myself without new clothes if I don’t get a chance to see them. I didn’t end up buying any my clothes for my birthday but I still went out with my friends and had a good time. Then I realized in the past i just tend to follow my habit and sometimes it is the habit itself that hard to change. I can see myself become more thoughtful than before. I believe even after the fashion detox and I’m able to buy clothes again, what I’ve learnt from Fashion detox will help me to shop wisely and spend money efficiently.