This week I am back in the same routine of looking at various sites to fulfill my shopping needs.  With the weather getting colder and fall clothes coming in, it is making me want to go shopping even more.  Those Tory Burch boots that I want so much but cannot have are calling my name and taunting me.  This whole experience though made me realize how much I actually shop and think about shopping and have saved a lot of money by not shopping. 

            I still continue to go through my old clothes and mix and match my outfits as much as I can without repeating my clothes.  Sometimes when I see girls who seem to have new trendy items, I do get a little jealous that I cannot buy the same thing, but then I think about how long that trend really is going to last and that makes me not want it as much anymore.  I believe that just in that moment when you just want to fit in with everyone else and have that new trendy accessory or whatever it may be, is the only time you really want it, and then after that feeling goes away it is not as important to have anymore.  That is why we get tired of what we have so easily and want the next best thing. 

            I feel as if I am on pinterest constantly to avoid any urges I may have to go shopping.  I feel sometimes of just giving up and going to get something I desperately want, but I have come this far, and do not want to spoil what I have accomplished.