It is officially fall. My favorite time of the year! Boots and large sweaters are my favorite items in my wardrobe.  I love being comfortable yet still looking cute.  With it being my dad’s weekend for my sorority this weekend, my dad packed bags full of fall clothing from home to bring to me.  It was like getting all new clothes to add to my school closet…yet I still knew the clothes he brought me weren’t “new” clothes. 

The walks downtown that my dad and I shared were so fun besides the fact that it was absolutely bitter cold this weekend.  All he wanted to do was stop into one of the clothing stores and buy me a sweater because he saw how frigid I was.  I kept telling him no because of this fashion detox challenge.  He continued to guilt me and tell me that my health was more important because he thought I would catch another cold.  Instead, we settled for Booches and we were able to warm up with a burger…or two. Of course, a new Mizzou sweater would be nice, but I do have a ton of them so I wouldn’t necessarily need one.  It would just have been an impulse purchase by my dad to ensure I was warm enough.  A Booches burger definitely trumps all other things, that’s for sure.  As the challenge is continuing to get more and more difficult, I know this is helping me and my parents aren’t mad at me for spending my allowance on clothes that I don’t need.