So now it is cold.  And this cold weather reminds me how I need new boots since my summer in London’s rain ruined mine.  Just as I started to get excited for the weather change since it meant time to finally find new boots I was reminded by that tiny voice in my head about this fashion detox.  I was devastated.  So sad that I dug out my old boots and tried to see how I could make them work for the time being.  What I saw was scuffed leather and water stains.  Luckily I am home this weekend for fall break and my mom has leather cleaner and treatment.  So I got to work.  After 20 minutes of on and off wiping my boots down and letting it soak and repeating it again to get the desired look, my boots look good as the first day I bought them.  Some of the scuffs obviously I could not fix, but I’ve decided that it gives my boots a rustic and worn look.  And I’ve decided that it’s the look I am going for this season, until my detox is over of course.