In this passing summer, I tried to dye my hair by myself, but I did not choose the right color so the attempt failed, my hair is still dark brown unless exposed to sunshine. At the beginning of this week I went to Walmart and the sale of cream rinse reminded of the interest of hair dye. However I recalled the Fashion Detox and I just stood there having a look at the Sale label. When I decided to take part in this challenge, I searched for its concept and found we would not buy any apparel, from what I learned in the TAM course, the decoration of hair could also be sorted as apparel, so at the moment I rejected the cream rinse, I felt so happy that I realized what I learned had an affect on my thought and I put reaction into that. That was really meaningful for me.

This week the weather turned to be so weird. Yesterday it was about 20 degree, and today it was only less than 10 degree. I took all the clothes from my closet, actually not my closet but my two big suitcases since my closet is really small so I had to take advantage of all my suitcases. When I checked all my clothes for Winter, I had to admit the challenge became more complicated for me since I really did not own much for the cold days, so I was thinking I may need to try different kinds of pairing up to make my winter apparel not stay the same.

Whenever I talked about my Detox challenge to my friends, they praised my courage and their comments really gave me the power to keep moving on. The semester has passed a whole half, I did not feel that difficult as I imagined at the time I signed my name on the sheet. Everything seems pretty well now expect for the moments I saw the label of sale. I believe I will make it to the end.  So keep going ahead Detoxers!  🙂