I am feeling just a little less confident because it seems like more apparel items are being pushed in my face at work and when I shop because I know that I can’t buy anything. It doesn’t bother me much but when I am constantly approached with the mention of apparel products at work, it makes it a lot harder to forget that I am doing this fashion detox. My creativity still stays the same and I don’t feel any different about it. When I am at work, I especially have the temptation to buy things. When my coworkers show me all the new items that have come in it make me feel a little sorry for myself. I usually don’t feel like I’m different when I’m with others and it doesn’t impact me too much this week at all. I just keep telling myself that I don’t need the apparel item so I don’t stop to keep looking at it or else the temptation to buy it will increase. I have just been very busy with school that it helps me keep my mind off the fact that I can’t buy any apparel items at the moment.